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 I know that a few of you out there find the haiku I post on Haiku Flow to help them in some way to get through that rough time during the day. unfortunately, it’s , it’s not always possible to find a device to access the net and allow to read one of the haiku I have posted on Haiku Flow.

What if I collected these haiku in an eBook that you can read wherever and whenever you like? This is the idea behind producing the Haiku Flow Series!

Indeed, the Haiku Flow Series enables you to take a selection of haiku and read them at your leisure without needing to be online.  Since, as you might know, the Haiku Flow page is constantly  being updated by haiku that I’m inspired to write, I expect to release a new volume in the coming days or weeks.  

The current volumes containing a selection of not more than 50 haiku each are being offered at the price of €2,99 each and even less if you purchase and share with your social contacts.

 Available Volumes*

These are the volumes currently being offered as part of the Haiku Flow Series: 


Vol.1  Nothing Special

> Get it from: :

Vol.2  A Lonely Journey 

> Get it from: 

* These volumes are being offered in the PDF and ePub versions which can be read on a wide range of eReading devices and platforms.

If you would like to check out the other eBooks that I’ve self-published, kindly visit my eBook page:


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